YYZTech Group Media Ltd.

YYZTech Group Media Ltd. is a Canadian company building websites. Have a look at some of our projects below:


A guide to restaurants, bars and events in and around the city of Barrie, Ontario. Originally created around 2005, SimcoeDining now features reviews of restaurants, shows and events, written by a team of local writers covering this fast growing region of Ontario.

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A guide to computer services and stores across Canada. Started back in 2003 covering the then-popular Cybercafes, look for a relaunch later this year.

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BartenderTraining.ca is a guide to bartending schools across Canada and the USA. It has listing of schools and also has articles on the business; recent topics include: dealing with problem customers, basic lingo, a history of whiskey, vodka spirits, and more.

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Vancouver2Toronto.com is a site about travelling to and between the Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

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MaximumVenture.ca was started with the goal of providing news on all aspects of the Canadian business from small business and personal finance to major industries from coast to coast to coast.

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